Architectural Plans

Architectural Plans for Residential and Commercial Developments

The importance of good architectural plans cannot be overstated. When it comes to a construction or renovation project, many of the issues encountered on-site can be traced back to poor advice or poorly drafted architectural plans. In fact, a good set of plans can be the difference between variations, delays and unexpected costs.

At Edith Garland Architecture, we offer an unrivalled experience in producing accurate and detailed plans to your exact specification. Our experts will work closely with you throughout your project, communicating thoroughly at all stages of work to ensure your dream project is delivered to perfection.

The Must-Haves of Good Building Plans

Whether you are building an extension or building a new home, the more documented information the builder has at their disposal, the less they will need to rely on you for decisions or instructions.

House designs are becoming more and more complex making it critical for all special features to be detailed on project plans and elevations. The more detail available, the better your builder will be able to understand what the designer wishes to achieve.

Very often, plans are produced with little or no specific detailing. The builder and property owner are then left to sort out any problems on-site. Don’t be caught out. Make sure you start your project with a full set of precise and professionally produced architectural plans.

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