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What Are Building Regulations?

Building Regulations are designed to set standards for the design and construction of buildings in the UK. These standards are used to protect the health and safety of people in or about those buildings and also include other requirements such as the provision of facilities for disabled people.

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What is the Difference Between Planning Permission and Building Regulations?

Building Regulation approval relates to how a building should be constructed whereas planning permission relates to whether a development should be permitted to go ahead or not.

Do I Need to Apply?

Anybody wishing to carry out building work that is subject to Building Regulations is required by law to ensure that all work complies with the latest regulations while also seeking approval from a Building Control company. For example these works might include extending an existing building, or even removing internal load-bearing walls.

What Happens If I Don’t Apply or Comply?

If you fail to apply for Building Regulations approval or your building does not comply with the latest standards, you could be served with an enforcement notice for non-compliance.

At Edith Garland, we can help you with your application, including the provision of advice and any drawings required alongside your application. Why not speak to our friendly and helpful team today to find out more about the latest Building Regulations and whether they apply to your project.

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