Edith Garland can advise on extension plans for your property

It can be difficult to visualise what your extension will look like using just words and measurements alone. This is where our extension plans are so important. We can produce accurately scaled and detailed plans that will bring your ideas to life. Precise plans are the key to a successful project and will ensure that everybody understands what is proposed, from the planning department approving your application to the builder that turns your plans into reality.

Leave Everything To Our Architectural Design Experts

We can produce your plans in 2D CAD drawings and 3D models. However, we almost always draft extension plan drawings in 3D as this is the best way to give you a realistic visualisation of what your project will look like. Seeing your drawings for the first time is one of the most exciting parts of any project. This is when you can start to plan decor and furniture or make changes if you suddenly feel the space isn’t quite right.

Ensuring Everybody is on the Same Page

Plans play a crucial role throughout your project. They help planning teams to decide whether your extension is suitable and has been planned in accordance with the latest building regulations. Once your application has been approved, they help your builders to buy materials, instruct their teams and ensure your extension is built to exact specification. Following your build, they will also help the Building Control officer to ensure that the extension has been built in line with building regulations and what was permitted during the planning application process.

Start Planning Your Dream Extension Today

Whether you are considering extending your kitchen, you have a baby on the way and have your heart set on a playroom or you simply want more space in which to relax, we can help. We have years of experience in creating beautiful, precise and professional extension plans and we would be delighted to help you to start planning your dream extension today.

At Edith Garland, we mean it when we say that no project is too small. We are aware of the difference an extension can make to your property and your daily life. To book a free consultation, get in touch with our helpful and friendly team today.