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What is Permitted Development?

Permitted development is a set of rights that allow property owners to complete certain types of projects without the requirement of planning permission. It is important to note that permitted development rights do not apply to flats, maisonettes and other buildings. Commercial properties also have their own individual set of permitted development rights.

The “rights” set out can also be restricted or even removed in areas that are known to be designated. These areas include:

  • Area’s of Outstanding Natural Beauty
  • World Heritage Sites
  • Conservation Areas
  • National Parks
  • The Norfolk or Suffolk Broads.

A local and relevant example where permitted development rights have been restricted is the Clifftown Conservation Area, Southend, Essex.

Common Projects Completed Under Permitted Development

At Edith Garland we see many proeprties go through Permitted Development as there are a vast amount of projects that can be completed. The two most common types of projects we see within Southend, Essex and the surrounding areas are rear extensions and rear dormers. Remaining within the limitations of permitted development and completing either one of the projects can seek various benefits for homeowners. For example, rear extensions can allow for the downstairs of the property to be opened up into a new and modern living environment, while rear dormers can give a family an extra bedroom or two.

Neighbourhood Consultation Scheme

In the mid of 2019 during a review of planning, the Neighbourhood Consultation Scheme was made permanent. The scheme sets out that “larger” single-storey rear extensions may be completed, so long as the neighbours do not raise any objections or concerns.

The scheme follows the same principals set out for single-storey rear extensions in permitted development, except that the extensions can now go even further. For detached houses, the depth of the extension must be between four and eight metres, while all other houses must be between three and seven metres. This scheme is very appealing to homeowners wishing to extend as not only does it give them more depth but it currently almost always involves no local authoritative fee and can also get accepted at a faster rate.

We have helped many of our clients to get their projects underway as quickly as possible thanks to our knowledge of permitted development and the associated legislation.

If you are unsure if your property still holds its rights, or if you can take advantage of any of these schemes then please do give Edith Garland a call where we will be more than happy to give you some free advice.

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